Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Small Press Heaven @ Fumetto 2015

This year I organised the Small Press Heaven, a market for self-publishing comic and print artists. It took place on the two weekends during the Fumetto - International Comic Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, in March 2015. Fumetto will be in its 25th year and focuses on star comic artist exhibitions, graphic novel presentations and some comic/art crossover. Small Press Heaven is the platform where artists are invited to present and sell their self-published products to the festival audience. The gathering and interaction of these artists serves a vital purpose of a festival. Small Press Heaven was initiated by Nicolas Wouters in 2013. In 2015 I continued on his structures and tried to get an international as possible crowd together. 56 artists and collectives from 12 countries attended. Check out their very cool work: (IT/DE)

AE Folklore (UK)

Ampel Magazine (CH)

atelier oasp (FR)

B.ü.L.b comix (CH)

Büchergilde Gutenberg (DE)

CENTRALA Central Europe Comics Art (PL/UK)

Crepe au Sucre (CH)

Christofis Yannopoulos (CH)

Crime da mala Editions (CH)

Die Goldene Discofaust (DE)

D.O.C.H. risography printing (DE)

Donya Todd & Hannah Chapman (UK)

En Traits Libres (FR)

Grüss Dich. (DE)

Hakuin-Verlag (CH)

HAW Hamburg (DE)


Hollow Press (IT)

Humdrum Comics (ISR)

Hurricane Ivan (IT)

Hyperraum 44/46 (CH)

Ice Screen (BE)

Illustration Fiction (CH)

kuš! (LV)

Lamelos (NL)

La Puce Nanoéditions (CH)

Laura Callaghan / Joseph P Kelly (UK)

Lilli Loge (DE)

Milk and Wodka / Singkong Keju (CH/INDO)


Plonkers Only (CH)

Poste Aérienne (DE)

Strane Dizioni (IT)

Sutu (AUS)

Takayo Akiyama (UK)

Teiera Autoproduzioni (IT)

Tieten Met Haar (BE)

The Hoochie Coochie (FR)

Yawn (UK)

Thanks to Atelier OASP for most of the funny photos and Der Comicbus for the scenic header shot.

A great big Thank You to all the Fumetto Crew who helped and supported!