Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Exhibition and book presentation at the Renate Comic Library and Gallery, Berlin

Vernissage on Saturday, 20 March, closed on 17 April 2010.

Being presented were the new 40 page cartoon book ”Keep Up”, 24 silkscreen prints on wood and on paper and the ”Keep Up Party Packs”.

Renate store-front

Silkscreen prints on wood, in limited editions of 1 or 2.

”The Plot”

”Keep Up Party Packs” containing a print on paper and the Keep Up cartoon-book.

The Shop

The evening was rounded off by a great performance by Elyas Khan (www.elyaskhan.com) in the Cafe ”Buchhandlung” next door.

A big THANK YOU!!! to the Renates, Elyas and Melissa, Viktor Buchhandlung, Nikki and everybody who came by sooner and very much later.