Friday, 31 October 2008

Willie the Zombie - Exhibition

Willie the Zombie - Undead Love

© 2008, 32 pages, A5, 4c offset, Cover: 300g, Body: 135g, Stapeld, 250 copies

Undead Love is the first Willie the Zombie comic book by Andy Leuenberger. It consists of comics, cartoons and picture sories, with a small amount of text in English.

“…what we do know is that Andy Leuenberger has created the most lovable undead in recent times: Willie the Zombie. “ Max Andersson

Willie, the lone hunter is in for some zombie romance. Learn about the trials of love unlived by hot blooded corpses. Tales of yearning, deceit and revenge will warm up your heart and maybe even bring the old thing back to life.

Willie the Zombie has been appearing in three cartoons per issue in the bimonthly Virus Magazine (Raptor Publishing, Frankfurt am Main), Germany’s largest horror culture magazine, since August 2007.

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