Friday, 21 March 2008

Vakuum (2006)

Vakuum, miniDV, 2:23min
Comic & Animation: Andy Leuenberger
Sound & Music: Mamasweed

Festivals & Features:
2006 Tromanale Independent Film Fest, Berlin
2006 Umelec (Int. Kunstzeitschrift, Tschechien), DVD-Compilation junger, deutscher Videokunst

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Boom Boom Boogie (2005)

Animation, miniDV, 4:30 min, stereo, Berlin 2005
Direction / Drawings: Andy Leuenberger
Animation: Nikki Schuster
Music: The Scandals featuring Film2
Technique: pencil drawings / computer-montag

Festivals & Features:
2006 Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Schweiz
2006 Vienna Independent Shorts, Österreich
2006 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australien
2006 Australian International Animation Festival Sydney, Australien
2006 Festival Bimini, Riga, Latvia
2005 Tromanale Independent Film Fest, Berlin, Deutschland - Preis „Bester Animationsfilm”

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Erledigt (2002)

”Erledigt” (engl.: done, finished, completed…) is a collection of 30 strips and two longer stories in a 3 panel rhythm. It was presented in the East of Eden International Bookshop in Berlin in 2002.